Saturated fat is good for you



Where did you get your ideas about saturated fat? Are you a product of the 1980’s when we were brainwashed into switching from butter to margarine.

Here are some journal articles to get you thinking.

Saturated fat, cholesterol and the brain:  ” Indeed, high cholesterol level is positively correlated with longevity in people over 85 years old, and in some cases has been shown to be associated with better memory function and reduced dementia…We suggest that a diet high in high-glycemic index carbohydrates, particularly fructose, and relatively low in fats and cholesterol, leads to a destructive process… Neurons begin to suffer damage as well… Simple dietary modification, towards fewer highly-processed carbohydrates and relatively more fats and cholesterol, is likely a protective measure against Alzheimer’s disease. ”

High cholesterol and old age: “In conclusion, after adjusting for other factors associated with longevity, higher HDL cholesterol levels were significantly associated with survival to 85 years of age.”

Cholesterol and Dementia “High cholesterol in late life was associated with decreased dementia risk, which is in contrast to previous studies suggesting high cholesterol in mid-life is a risk factor for later dementia…”

Mediterranean diet vs cholesterol lowering medication.  The Mediterranean diet improves heart health without lowering cholesterol levels. The Mediterranean diet is better than statins for reducing heart attack, even though it doesn’t  lower cholesterol levels. But in the conclusion it does a backflip and says keep taking your drugs to keep drug companies happy, oops, I mean, to keep your cholesterol low.

“An astonishing 70% reduction in the incidence of subsequent death and nonfatal myocardial infarction was reported in patients on the Mediterranean diet…. Even more remarkable is that this mortality benefit occurred despite no difference between the study and the control populations in follow-up LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.”

Saturated fat reduces fatty liver disease in rats. ” The data indicate that a diet enriched in saturated fatty acids (groups 3 and 4) effectively reverses alcohol-induced liver injury, including fibrosis.”

Note there are different types of Saturated fats.

The good ones are raw vegetable fats and and grass fed animal fats and fish.


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