Hepatitus A from frozen Chinese berries


Have you ever tried checking out where the frozen berries come from? See this picture of 6 shelves of Berries at Woolworths Supermarket…  well last time I checked the bottom 5 shelves are all imported from China or Chile, the top right single packet (OOB) are Organic from the USA. None are from Australia.

This week 4 cases of Hepatitis A  through frozen berries imported from China.

And how about this: “Senior media advisor at the health department Bram Alexander urged Victorians with the berries in their freezer to throw them out, as they may be tainted.”

Genius! Throw them out so that (1) it’s you who lose your money not the supermarket who has to refund them if you take them back and (2) if you do happen to develop Hepatitis there’s no evidence that it’s from the  berries!!!

And if I can just climb onto my hobby horse for 1 second to point out the obvious: why are we allowed to buy frozen berries from China, where we have no idea what’s going on, but it’s illegal to buy raw milk from the farmer next door? (Climb back down now.)

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