Food Additives that change your children’s behaviour

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This is where we started out on our journey for good health via real food.

Food colours and flavours do affect your kids behaviour. If you suggested that to people 20 years ago people may have thought you were a bit paranoid. It’s more accepted in Australia nowadays, but still our food is full of junk and our kids have all sorts of behavioural issues and skin conditions.  

In Australia up until a few years ago it was very hard to buy bread without Preservative 220 in it. Preservative 220 sends our kids up the wall. Our kids went ballistic after some bread from the bakery in a local supermarket in Dubbo. I spoke to the baker and they admitted that they put 220 in the bread but it wasn’t on the label.  Baker’s delight  never uses Preservative 220 so they are safe. Thankfully lots of other brands have abandoned 220 as well.

But it’s not just 220. Various colours, flavours and other goodies are bad for you too. A great site for information is this one by Sue Dengate, Author of ‘Fed Up’

This reference is good guide to which additives are banned in which countries. Click on the category on the left (eg colours) then look up the number.

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