This blog was written by Wayne Connor.


North griffith

Wayne was educated at  Griffith North Public School where he played ‘Blakes 7’ with Simon Hine at lunch times.  His yr 2 report card read  ‘If you don’t do something about Wayne he’ll end up in a remand home.


Somehow Wayne made it through High School without getting expelled and was HSC dux in Year 12 much to his teachers’ surprise.

Wayne is a disturbance in class and demands lots of attention‘  Year 7 Art.

Wayne has already expressed his dislike for technics‘  Year 7 Technics.

Wayne’s enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming at times.‘ Year 8 Health.

Wayne is very talkative and needs to settle down.‘ Year 8 History

Wayne must curb a recent tendency to dwell on the irrelevant.‘ Year 9 Mathematics.

Wayne spends too much of his time fooling around.‘  Year 9 Non Examinable Art.

Wayne has made no effort – he must grow up.‘ Year 10 Careers.

Wayne needs to realise the the HSC requires a total commitment.‘ Year 12 Engineering Science.


Wayne’s year 10 work experience at the CSIRO ended badly when his supervisor didn’t see the funny side of Wayne’s circumventing the computer’s security system and stealing his password.

In Year 11 Wayne designed a MIDI interface for the AMIGA computer which was published in the popular 80’s magazine ‘Australian Commodore and Amiga Review’. (What do you mean no one’s ever heard of it?)

In Year 12 Wayne was a member of the School Council and ran the donut stall.

Member of Wade High School Council

Member of Wade High School Council, Yr 12, 1989


Wayne did not attend his own graduation of Moore College in a protest of the overly academic environment but no one noticed he wasn’t there. 

Wayne lives in Dubbo, NSW and can milk a cow and blow bubbles out his eyeball.

His family loves him.




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  1. Pete says:

    A true inspiration. Hugo now has a path to follow given similar report cards at year 2. Your extended family loves you too. Pete

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