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“Everything we thought we knew… turned on it’s head”

This article in the SMH states that “This was the week when everything we thought we knew about eating and drinking healthily was turned on its head.”

(Saturated fat is good for you not bad.)

Well, a lot of people knew this years ago but the Sydney Morning Herald has just discovered it this morning!


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Hepatitus A from frozen Chinese berries


Have you ever tried checking out where the frozen berries come from? See this picture of 6 shelves of Berries at Woolworths Supermarket…  well last time I checked the bottom 5 shelves are all imported from China or Chile, the top right single packet (OOB) are Organic from the USA. None are from Australia.

This week 4 cases of Hepatitis A  through frozen berries imported from China. Continue reading

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Where is raw milk legal in 2015 and where is it banned?

where is raw milk legal

A little graph I drew up of the top 24 developed countries and whether they allow people to sell raw milk.

You can see the breakdown for the USA here.


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Raw Milk in the news again

The food regulations people are scaremongering again!

A meeting of ministers responsible for food standards, known as the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation, was held in New Zealand last week, with ministers citing their concern about consumption of unpasteurised (raw) cow’s milk that is sold as ‘bath milk’.

“People who consume raw milk are at an increased risk of infection causing severe illness and potentially death,” the ministers said in a communique released after the forum.

They could have said “People who consume raw carrots are at an increased risk of infection causing severe illness and potentially death.” Technically true.

They could equally have said “People who consume raw milk are at a reduced risk of developing allergies.” Technically true.


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