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Food Additives that change your children’s behaviour

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This is where we started out on our journey for good health via real food.

Food colours and flavours do affect your kids behaviour. If you suggested that to people 20 years ago people may have thought you were a bit paranoid. It’s more accepted in Australia nowadays, but still our food is full of junk and our kids have all sorts of behavioural issues and skin conditions. ¬† Continue reading

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Cholesterol has changed it’s mind

All my life I’ve been told to stay away from cholesterol, and now we are told cholesterol is actually our friend.


This study is fascinating…

It seems to say that the Mediterranean diet is better than statins for reducing heart attack, even though it doesn’t really ¬†lower cholesterol levels. Exciting, but in the conclusion it does a backflip and says keep taking your drugs to keep drug companies happy, oops I mean to keep your cholesterol low.

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Raw Milk is good for you but don’t drink it!



I love these journal articles. Yes, raw milk is better for allergies, but we don’t recommend drinking it because we haven’t worked out exactly why it’s good.

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